Portrait : Bianca and Gloria

Les Nereides Loves Animals presents Bianca Amaddeo, head of visual identity for Les Nereides and daughter of the company’s founders, and her adopted dog Gloria.


Gloria et Bianca


Who is she? ( Name, Age, Race, Sex)

Gloria, 6 years old and Pitbulesse, is a “Lady”.


Can you tell us about your first meeting with Gloria?

I first met her through photos and videos. She was found in a bag with several dogs of her breed in a park in Hackney in London. It was my sister who worked for an association (All Dogs Matter) who took her in with her acolytes. She had so much charm that even virtually we fell in love with her so much that we decided to adopt her on the spot. A drive with my husband and father there and she was finally able to join our family. It changed our lives. We became her parents and we love each other unconditionally.




Its most beautiful quality?

She has so many of them! I would say her affection. I think she’s a dog that gets a lot of love because she gives a lot to the people around her.


Her biggest flaw?

She’s a scavenger! I raise her in the beautiful Parisian districts, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to eat trash!


A nickname and if so why?

She has her own little names of course! Gloglo, “ma fifille”… No particular reason. I call her Gloria when I fight with her!


What does her presence bring to your daily life?

She is like my shadow, she follows me everywhere because I take her to work. She is always in the same room as me. She is like my “daemon” in the movie “The Golden Compass”. I can’t explain exactly what her presence brings me. In any case, I have the impression that I am like one with her.


Gloria et Bianca


Her biggest mistake?

Fighting with a huge pack of fierce and angry dogs!


The most unusual anecdote you’ve ever experienced with her?

That’s a tough question! I’ve been in so many strange situations with her. I would say that it was the day a mouse came by my house. She was even more scared than we were and wouldn’t get off the couch all evening and all night!


Gloria et Bianca Gloria et Bianca Gloria et Bianca

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