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The Amaddeo family, at the head of the high-end jewellery brands Les Néréides and N2, is at the initiative of the charity foundation Les Néréides Loves Animals, which sustains their personal commitment to animal protection. The charity foundation was created in 2015, at the initiative of Pascale and Enzo Amaddeo. In 2021, the LNLA Foundation made various donations for a total of more than 55,000 euros distributed to several associations.


Each season, the designers create an exclusive collection and 15% of each sale from this collection is donated to shelters and charities all over the world. This helps finance refuges and shelters that work to protect abandoned, endangered or sick animals.

These structures are carefully selected for their values ​​and dedication to the rescue, and more generally, the defence of animal rights.



Donations in 2021


In 2021,the Les Nereides Loves Animals foundation donated a total of 58 500 eurosto various associations, organisations and shelters with the aim of contributing to the protection of animals.

Among these, the foundation made donations to:  Helga Heidrich (12 000 euros), All Dogs Matter (6000 euros), BAWA (9 000 euros) et People for Animals (11 000 euros)


Sydney Dogs & Cats Home

Sydney Dogs & Cats Home is Sydney’s only animal shelter. It is owned and operated by Sydney Dogs & Cats Home Incorporated.The shelter has been caring for Sydney’s lost, abandoned and neglected animals since 1946.

Their aim is to provide shelter, food and veterinary care for lost, homeless and abandoned dogs and cats in association with local Sydney councils. The animals are cared for and kept in their shelter until they can be reunited with their owners or find a suitable new home.

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home follows the Getting to Zero movement, which means that every healthy, treatable animal that comes through their doors is then re-homed, and there is no time limit to an animal waiting for adoption.

Over 500 volunteers give over 10,000 hours of their time each year to the organisation.



 Helga Heidrich

The Helga Heidrich Foundation is based in Burgwedel, Germany, and its aim is to help needy animals in Morocco. For more than 18 years they have saved a large number of animals from torture, poisoning and starvation.



Unfortunately, animal protection in Morocco is still in its infancy, so it is not surprising that every year several thousand animals are poisoned or killed.

The Helga Heidrich Foundation therefore seeks to find sustainable solutions to the immense problems and to consolidate them so that the situation improves in the long term.

Their aim is to contribute to the preservation of species diversity, and to preserve certain endangered animal species from extinction in Morocco.



All Dogs Matter

All Dogs Matter works in partnership with individuals and organisations to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs in need. They also work with individuals to provide homes for their dogs if they are no longer able to care for them.



As part of their rehoming activity, the dedicated organisation matches each dog with the right new owner, ensuring that they are safe, cared for and loved for the rest of their lives. This is combined with the use of foster homes and kennels to care for the dogs before they find their forever homes. Many of the All Dogs Matter dogs are placed in foster homes before being placed.

Each dog is vetted, vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, dewormed and dewormed.

In 2021, All Dogs Matter rescued and re-homed 330 dogs, reunited 11 dogs with their families, provided temporary care for the dogs through 20 foster families and worked regularly with 20 volunteers.



BAWA, Bali Animal Welfare Association

BAWA, Bali Animal Welfare Association is based in Bali, Indonesia. BAWA works to rescue, protect and improve the lives of animals in and around Bali.

BAWA rescues animals in emergency situations. They provide them with food, medicine, rehabilitation and adoption.



BAWA provides an emergency response for any animal in distress – from snakes to dolphins. Special attention is given to Bali’s endangered heritage dog – the Kintamani.

The association rescues more than 1000 animals in distress every year. Balinese people may love their animals but often cannot afford to pay for treatment, so donations to the charity pay for these services.

Once the animal is rescued, treated and rehabilitated, BAWA’s main challenge is to find a home for it. Currently hundreds of animals live in their care, all waiting for a permanent home. They also run a strong fostering programme that socialises the animals and prepares them for their future homes.


If you also want to help these organisation, rendez-vous on their website to make a donation!

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The Amaddeo family, at the head of the high-end jewellery brands Les Néréides and N2, is at the initiative of the charity foundation Les Néréides Loves Animals, which sustains their personal commitment to animal protection. The […]