Le Château Gaillard Sanctuary

Les Nereides supports animals. In April, not only Les Nereides Loves Animals but a whole selection will be donated to the welfare of animals. From the 3rd to the 30th of April, discover the Easter Loves Animals selection online and in shop. 15% of the profits from this selection will be donated to the Château Gaillard sanctuary association.


Meet Ary, co-founder of the Château Gaillard sanctuary where they take in so-called “cull” animals to give them the best end of life.



When did you create your sanctuary?

The sanctuary was founded in June 2022.


How did you come up with the idea of creating this sanctuary?

For several years I have been very active in the animal cause and I met a couple of sheep farmers during an awareness action in front of a slaughterhouse in Paris.

We became friends and agreed to free 2 lambs as they did not want to send them to the slaughterhouse. Chew and Jacquie were raised on a baby bottle and it was painful for the farmers to kill them.

At first it is quite complicated to manage sheep but we have learnt a lot and we are welcoming more and more ‘rescued’ animals.


What types of animals do you welcome?

We collect so-called “cull” animals. This means that they come from farms where they are exploited for their wool, meat or eggs. They will end their lives with us in a little corner of paradise.

Every day in France, 3 million farm animals are slaughtered.

We take in a tiny fraction of these sentient beings and try to prove that a fairer solution is possible.


How many animals have you rescued?

In 2 years, we have rescued nearly 60 farm animals.


Where do you adopt them and what is the adoption process like?

Adoptions are very unpredictable because they depend on the requests we receive and on the capacity of the shelter.

Sometimes we have “donations” from breeders who are aware of the cause.

But most of the time, we take in animals from the pound or from the SPA (as a result of legal seizures for mistreatment).


What is your typical day at the sanctuary?

It all starts with a short visit to the pen to get the energy for the day.

Then I take the eggs from the hens and clean the hen houses.

I change the bedding for the sheep and goats and add hay.


We like to free all the animals under supervision for 1 hour to explore and graze on fresh grass in our field.

We end the day with some care, seeds + cereals and above all a lot of cuddles.


What do animals bring to your life?

As much as a pet, all animals give you a very strong love!

Sometimes I even have the feeling that they feel a kind of gratitude towards us.

When we are with them, I feel that time stops and we enjoy being together.


What is the funniest story?

So! There are so many stories to tell, but I think the funniest one would be the time we decided to get a sheep clipper.

At first we thought it was pretty easy, but we soon realised we couldn’t do it and ended up cutting the sheep’s wool with scissors.

It was several months later that I reread the instructions again and realised that the blades just needed to be tightened for the mower to work properly…

I felt so stupid lol



What are your future plans?

Our sanctuary is still new and we are in the process of renovating to accommodate more species.

Our dream is to be able to raise awareness of the animal cause among young and old alike.

That is why we are building a reception area to offer visits or even seminars.

We also do permaculture and we love vegan cooking.

The idea would be to combine all these beautiful things to offer beautiful experiences to the public.


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