Portrait : Aurélie and her hens

Today Les Néréides Loves Animals presents Aurélie Fretti and her 6 adopted hens. 


Aurelie et ses poules


How many hens do you have? 

We have 6 chickens.


Who are they? 

The four red are called : Analisa, azura, linda, dita and the two white chickens are called poulette, poupoule. They are about 2 years old and I adopted them when they were about 18 months old from an organic layer farm.


Can you tell us what made you decide to adopt hens? 

I live in the country, we have space, we wanted eggs that we knew where they came from. When I was looking for a place to adopt chickens, I discovered the practices around egg production and hens: at 18 months they are too old to be profitable in farms and breedings: they are killed. Knowing that a hen lays on average up to 5 years. And can live up to 10 years!


So I decided to adopt them rather than buy them.


Aurelie ramassant les oeufs


What was the adoption process like? 

Despite the fact that they were from an organic farm, they were in a terrible state. Skinny, almost no feathers left, unsuited to live with the other hens already there (not socialised) and very scared.

They didn’t understand how to get into their house/poultry house at night. They did not scratch the ground for insects. They got their feathers back in one and a half months. And they understood how to get in at night, after 2 weeks (I put them to bed myself before).


What is their best quality? 

They recognise me 🙂


Aurelie et ses poules


What does their presence bring to you on a daily basis?

 I like to see them evolve, look for things, talk. It’s soothing.


Their biggest mistake?

Every morning I would find them on the side of the garden where the dogs could catch them. I’d re-clogged every little hole, not understanding where they were going. I had to spend an hour in the pen with them to understand…


Aurelie and her hens

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