Pets at Work and Les Néréides

Did you know that having animals in the workplace reduces stress, promotes a more relaxed atmosphere and increases collaboration?

Sustaining their personal commitment to the protection of animals, la Maison Les Néréides has understood this and has always accepted and encouraged the presence of dogs in its offices.

Les Néréides has been part of the Pets at Work Alliance since February 2020. A movement launched by Purina as part of its “PURINA IN SOCIETY” program, which aims to democratise welcoming pets at work.






In 2016, Nestlé Purina, world leader in animal nutrition, launched the “PURINA IN SOCIETY” program to promote animal welfare and the societal role of pets. This program revolves around ten concrete and measurable commitments such as innovation to improve the health and well-being of companion animals, the Pets at Work Alliance encourages the presence of dogs at work or the development of partnerships to promote the adoption of pets.


To this day, Purina has created 80 partnerships across Europe to support initiatives to promote animals in the workplace. In addition, since 2018, 22 countries have implemented a Pets at Work program on their premises.




Why allow employees to bring their dog to work?


The animal nutrition brand aims to encourage people to take advantage of all the benefits of owning pets. Indeed, bringing your dog to work promotes a balance between professional and private life. Dogs creating a more relaxed atmosphere, are seen as an advantage for employees and enhance the attachment and loyalty of employees by improving the image of the company.


Indeed, the Pets at Work program helps boosting the company’s reputation by increasing employees’ happiness and satisfaction. It can also help attract new employees and retain the new generation of “millennials”.


Moreoever, regarding your animal, bringing them to work will allow them to develop their socialisation and well-being.




Bianca Amaddeo, head of visual identity at Les Néréides confirms this:


“I take my dog, Gloria, to the office every day and it is a real pleasure to share my daily life with her. I consider her a true partner and she often gives me strength. Coming with her also allows me to create good times with my colleagues when our dogs say hello or when people come to greet them. During that time, we usually discuss our lives in a more personal way. I would add that this often awakens people to animal awareness, people who have not had the chance to grow up with animals discover a world that brings them closer to nature.”



Some numbers:

  • 38% of people believe that the presence of dogs in the office promotes a more relaxed environment
  • 37% of people believe that their presence helps reduce stress at work
  • 25% of people believe it improves their work / life balance
  • less than 1 in 10 employees can come to the office with their dog, but 1 in 2 employees who own a dog would bring them if they could.



Do you also want to be able to take your pet to work and be part of the Pets at Work Alliance? Click here

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