Pepette: an alternative to feed your animals

From 8 to 13 December Les Nereides Loves Animals is partnering with Pepette Food to offer you the opportunity to discover a new alternative for feeding your animals.

LNLA x Pepette

Eating well is the key. When we eat well and healthy we feel good in our head, good in our body.  We are aware that food has an essential role in our health. This is why we are more and more attentive to what we eat. 

But our animals also have the right to healthy and tasty food. And to preserve their health, Pepette proposes to go back to simple things with fresh, quality ingredients.

Pepette Food

Pepette: a new alternative 

What Pepette offers is quality food, based on fresh products, and completely personalised. All the recipes have been developed by a veterinary nutritionist, which guarantees their balance and their adaptation to the nutritional needs of the animals. 

As far as raw materials are concerned, these are products suitable for human consumption and therefore of good nutritional quality. The cooking of the food is a low-temperature steam cooking process that preserves all the vitamins and minerals of the ingredients. 

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Finally, Pepette is made to measure food. Thanks to your pet’s profile, Pepette defines its daily caloric needs and offers you perfectly adapted meals which limit the risks of overweight and obesity. 

Pepette: how does it work? 

To order your meals, you must first fill in your pet’s profile (dog or cat, age, lifestyle, weight, etc). This will enable the animal to benefit from meals adapted to its daily needs. There is therefore no waste, since you will receive the right amount of food.

Then you choose his favourite recipe (beef, hake from sustainable fishing, chicken, organic chicken) and the frequency of delivery (once a month or every 15 days). The meals are then cooked in the Parisian workshop using French ingredients in order to limit the unnecessary production of CO2.

Pepette Food

Always with the will to be non-polluting and eco-responsible, Pepette delivers your meals to your home within 24 hours after their production in order to guarantee their freshness, in isothermal transport packaging that is ecological and 100% biodegradable!  


Want to try Pepette? Go to our instagram account to try to win a month’s supply of fresh, personalised meals for your dog or cat.

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