Portrait: Massae and Nana





Massae @massaetakanaka Correspondent & Journalist for a Japanese magazine in Paris.


– Who is she?

Nana, 10 years old, a French bulldog!


– Can you tell us about your first meeting?
A woman wanted to separate from Lady (the old name of Nana) when she was 3 months old because she was mischievous, we then proposed to adopt her… It was love at first sight! She came directly to us, I put her in my parka pocket and we got on my bike and the adventure started. We have changed her name because Lady was too chic for us. I shot an advertising film with Gainsbourg in the 80’s I remembered his dog: Nana, who marked me, so Nana!


– What’s her best quality?

She’s a real ray of sunshine, there is her love, her joys, she is also the champion of farts, she’s friendly, nice! She makes us laugh so much.


– Does she have a nickname and if so, why?

Nenette (she’s my nana) or Nanita (little nana).


– What does her presence bring you on a daily basis?

Happiness ! She soothes me a lot, and we do sports together: big walks around the canal every day.


– Which rescue did you go through to find her?

None, but I’m a big fan of AVA, the rescue of Thierry Bedossa (the best veterinarian, crazy about animals!) He rescues old animals and not only.



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