Portrait : Juliette and Tangela

After Heejung last month and her dog Gaby, Les Néréides Loves Animals Foundation is pleased to introduce another employee of the house who carries the values ​​of the brand. Discover Jthe sweet interview of Juliette, visual merchandiser at Les Néréides, and her mare Tangela de Tusker. You too, adopt, don’t shop!
Who is she?
Tangela de Tusker is 11 years old, she’s a mare KWPN and Oldenburg.
Can you tell us about your first meeting?
A few years ago, I was riding in an equestrian center in a competition team. Upon arrival at my club, Tangela was entrusted to me for my year of competition. I was very happy because she was only 5 years old so I had to teach her everything she knows now. We have progressed a lot together! As I mounted her 2 to 3 times a week, I created a real relationship of trust with her and that led us to the French Championships on the 2nd step of the podium!
At the end of our 3rd year of competition she was injured. I offered my equestrian center to take care of her, they could not keep her since she was no longer mountable. She spent 2 years in the meadow to rest and heal and it’s been 1 year and a half that we have been able to gradually resume the competition.
What’s her best quality?
Her character ! She is funny, she’s playful and she is very expressive. It makes her very endearing and different.
What’s her biggest flaw?
​Her character too! She has her moods. If it’s a moody day, I have to be patient and diplomatic to make her work when she’s not in the mood, because she can be very sensitive and gets upset quickly.
Does she have a nickname and if so, why?
​My daughter, because she is as much an investment as having a child! And Tantan sometimes even if it’s not pretty, because her name is too long!
What does her presence bring you on a daily basis?
A lot of happiness, and pride! I had to persevere to get there with her today, because I did not even think we could ride again after her injury.
It is also a lot of responsibility and questioning; I think it helps me in my life, personal and professional, because my sport has given me beautiful values ​​and teaches me how to deal with others.
What’s the naughtiest thing that she has done?
She likes to try and make me fall, but it’s often me who wins this game!
And what’s the most unusual anecdote you have lived with her?
Last summer she discovered the beach for the first time. We arrived in the middle of towels and children and she was acting like a star! It was a great moment.
Find more inspiring content on the foundation’s Instagram account, @lnlovesanimals.

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