Portrait : Heejung, Byungjun and Gaby.

Les Néréides Loves Animals presents Heejung, Byungjun and their dog Gaby.

Gaby occupies a special place at Les Néréides… Heejung being a graphic designer at the headquarters, Gaby regularly spends the day at the office, amongst the dogs of other employees, equally loved and pampered by the team. Today we are delighted to present to you this little ray of sunshine that has conquered all our hearts!



Who is he?

Gaby(@puppygabystagram) is a small shepherd-cross, about 11 months old.
Can you tell us about your first meeting?

The story of Gaby sounds like a fairy tale… A colleague of Byungjun traded him to travellers in the 19th district against a cigarette. We met him for the first time in République, near the home of this colleague, where he had taken refuge the first days before we adopted him. When she took him out of the bag, we discovered a small ball of hair with blue round eyes all. He was so cute, we couldn’t help but completely fall in love with him!
What’s his best quality?

He is very expressive and his little head sometimes has very “human” features. He is also a very intelligent dog, he learns very quickly all that one teaches him.



What’s his biggest flaw?

Because of the first part of his life where he was certainly abused, he is very fearful of humans. He barks when he meets a new person or when someone comes too close to him. It takes a little while before he lets someone pet him.

Does he have a nickname and if so, why?

The little affectionate nickname we gave him is Gabychou, because we find him adorable.



What does his presence bring you on a daily basis?

His presence put a little more light in our couple. He’s really a family member in his own right. He’s our little baby.

What’s the naughtiest thing that he has done?

The biggest fright we had with Gaby was the day he ate dying rat in the courtyard of our building. We took him to the vet urgently and he had to take medication for 2 months …



And what’s the most unusual anecdote you have lived with him?

In December, it snowed for the first time in his young life. Children had made a little snowman. Gaby was very scared and did not even want to approach him! We laughed a lot.



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