Portrait : Gisèle and Lao-Lao

Les Néréides Loves Animals presents Gisèle, author of the blog “Gisèle Is Nerdy”, and her cat Lao-Lao.
Who is he?
Lao-Lao is a 2 and a half years old male cat.
Can you tell us about your first meeting?
We met this little snout at a young woman’s home who was a foster family for a cat association, in a small studio under the roofs of Paris. Impossible to get a glimpse of him, he kept hiding… We had to take our time to see him appear. Little fearful cat, he is still very timid today!
What’s his best quality?
He jumps very high for a cat, he has not lost his love of playing games.
What’s his biggest flaw?
Screaming at night because he doesn’t like closed doors.
Does he have a nickname and if so, why?
Lala, with no particular reasons!
What does his presence bring you on a daily basis?
A comfort, he’s a member of the family. Our 10-month-old baby loves him ..
How did you come to adopt him?
I found him on a Facebook group called Wanted Animals. A winegrower in Champagne had a cat that came regularly to visit his field, he agreed to feed him. But when she had kittens, he unfortunately decided to get rid of her. A young lady convinced him to let the cat have the babies and that she would take care of rehoming them once weaned. I contacted her via Facebook after validation of my boyfriend with a photo.
What’s the naughtiest thing that he has done?
Lao has never really done anything bad, but I think the day he fell from the 4th floor comes to mind… The anxiety! Luckily, he only had a broken finger on the left front leg. One of the worst moments of my life.
And what’s the most unusual anecdote you have lived with him?
During our move, there were boxes everywhere for several weeks. I was in another room and I heard commotion in the kitchen. He had managed to find a bag of catnip, he was rolling on the floor like crazy.

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