Portrait : Daphné, Vincent and Pixel

Les Néréides Loves Animals presents Daphné and Vincent, the duo behind the blog Mode And The City, and their adorabled dog Pixel, and Instagram star just like his parents!



Daphné, the queen blogger of the preppy look, talks about her little companion.
Who is he?
Pixel, 2 and a half years old: bichon/westie cross

Can you tell us about your first meeting?
I got Pixelfor my birthday and I remember it like yesterday. The first time I saw him: adorable and very small, with a pink heart-shaped balloon attached to his collar and jumping towards me. Instant love at first sight!
Does he have a nickname and if so, why?
Pixou or Mimi, two nicknames that we use at home almost as much as his real name!
What’s his best quality?
He is hyperactive and playful!
What’s his biggest flaw?
He is very stubborn!
What’s the naughtiest thing that he has done?
When he unearthed ALL the flower pots (ivy, succulents …) that decorated our apartment. I opened the door and… disaster! The floor was covered with earth and plants everywhere!
And what’s the most unusual anecdote you have lived with him? 
There are so many ! The one I prefer dates back from our first summer vacation with him: we rented a house with a large pool, in which we had one day put one of our surfboards. Pixel learned to stand on the board and we had a big laugh to watch him navigate in the pool, the legs erected on the huge surfboard (while he was still very small), his gaze fixed in front of him and proud as ever! As good proud owners, we obviously immortalized this moment with a photo and, a few months later, one of our friends who works in the music industry asked us to use the photo of  Pixel on a surfboard as the picture of a music album.Pixel as an album cover with his image!
What does his presence bring you on a daily basis?
A lot of tenderness and sweetness! I work from home soPixel and I are keeping each other company. He comforts me and puts me in perspective when I am upset and forces me to take breaks! I love our walks together! I often don’t take my phone in order to share this moment just with him, without distraction, which makes me feel very good too! A dog is so much happiness everyday!
Which rescue did you go through to find him?
We are the third owners of Pixel(which we got at only 4 months old). He was born in a breeding facility and was adopted by a first family before we adopted him ourselves (never to be separated again)
Find Daphné (@daphnemodeandthecity), Vincent (@doufiz) and Pixel (@PixelTheFluffyDog) on Instagram… and follow us too on @lnlovesanimalsaccount. We share the latest news from the Foundation, jewelry collections and adorable slices of life with the pets that are always welcome at the headquarters of Les Néréides.

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