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Run by a small but dedicated team, SFT is currently home to over 500 animals including over 300 dogs, 120 cats, 30 donkeys and many more. As well as supporting the animals in their care, every year they are faced with hundreds of cases of neglect, abuse and cruelty. They are saving hundreds of lives, changing attitudes, teaching love and compassion and helping their community. They are devoted to making Tangier an animal friendly city, where animals and humans can live in harmony.


Sally et deux ânes du sanctuaireand two donkeys from the sanctuary


SFT is not a shelter, it’s a sanctuary. It’s a loving home to all our babies. It’s a magical place. You see happy animals all around you and a very dedicated team. All the dogs, cats, donkeys etc. Have a name. Of course, we still welcome adoptions from the sanctuary too!


What are its fundamental missions?


SFT aims to change the mentality of people in Morocco through education. We also aim to lead by example & show others how easy it is to care for those who can’t help themselves.


How do you help the local community on an everyday basis?


People from the local community come to us for help at the sanctuary or call us every single day. We give advice to people who need it and also help poor families to pay their vet bills to encourage those who can’t afford the care of an animal to still help.


An happy resident of the sanctuary


On top of rescuing and rehoming animals, you also decided to change mentalities starting with children in school. Can you explain your education programme?


To solve the problem of our strays, taking them all home wasn’t possible. We have over 500 so the only solution was to come up with the project Hayat of TNVT the strays and of course educate the community, the authorities, going to schools and universities. We make it very clear the animals are our responsibility and we all have the duty of care.


Can you please tell me more about TNVT?


TVNT (Treat, Vaccinate, Neuter and Tag) is the main part of our Project Hayat. Our project aims to eventually end all suffering. TVNT means that dogs will no longer be suffering from illness, they will be protected against rabies, they will no longer reproduce unwanted puppies and they will also be tagged which means they are safe from the mass killings that still happen in Morocco each day.



SFT is home to more than 500 animals, how can we help it?


Being home to so many animals means lots of food and water is needed. Alongside other essentials for example hay for the donkeys, cat litter for the cats, kennels for the dogs. At present, we do daily posts on our social media accounts begging our followers to donate because the truth is, we owe over £20,000 to our vet. He is just wonderful because despite this he continues to work for us still because he believes in what we do. However, it would be so great to have corporate sponsors who donate monthly in order for us to not have so much stress in begging for donations for the sanctuary animals amongst all the other emergencies we face every day.


Les Néréides Loves Animals financially supports the daily efforts of the sanctuary. In September, the foundation offered a 3000€ donation. You can donate too!

Check their website :



Update November 2018: discover the founder of SFT Sanctuary and a complete presentation of her action on this TV interview (in French).

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