Les associations que nous soutenons

Voici la liste des associations que Les Néréides Loves Animals aide depuis ses débuts.

Vous retrouverez un article consacré à chacune d’entre elles dans la section “Actualités” du site.




Our last news

The Amaddeo family, at the head of the high-end jewellery brands Les Néréides and N2, is at the initiative of the charity foundation Les Néréides Loves Animals, which sustains their personal commitment to animal protection. […]

Today Les Néréides Loves Animals presents Aurélie Fretti and her 6 adopted hens.      How many hens do you have?  We have 6 chickens.   Who are they?  The four red are called : Analisa, azura, […]

From 8 to 13 December Les Nereides Loves Animals is partnering with Pepette Food to offer you the opportunity to discover a new alternative for feeding your animals. Eating well is the key. When we […]