News of Les néréides loves animals

Action : Au bonheur des 4’pattes

15 Sep 2016

“Au Bonheur des 4 pattes ” is an association founded in 2002, located in Nimes (South of France). The association aims at accommodating, caring, feeding and bringing comfort to many abandoned or abused cats and […]

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Action : Fundation Helga Heidrich

14 Sep 2016

In Morocco, the foundation Helga Heidrich takes care of all kinds of animals everyday. Helga is a true passionate for the animal welfare, she gives her all each day to defend and protect them.   […]

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Action : People For Animal – Trivandrum

People for Animals (PFA), located in Thiruvananthapuram, is the largest animal rights organization in India. Currently, there are 165 centers like this across the country. Their goals include advocating for animal welfare, preventing all ill-treatment, […]

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Portrait : Manon and Bloemie

07 Sep 2016

Les Néréides Loves Animals met Manon Leloup, who lives in Paris near the canal Saint Martin with her dog Bloemie.              Who is she?  Her name is Bloemie, she is three years old, she is […]

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Action : Bali Animal Welfare Association

01 Sep 2016

Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) is a non-profit organization based in Bali, Indonesia. It was founded in 2007 by Janice Girardi, an American resident in Bali for more than 30 years, and leading Indonesian veterinarian […]

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Action : Chalonn

20 Jul 2016

This month, Les Néréides Loves Animals has helped a small association located in Brittany (West of France), CHALONN.   One of our clients sent us a touching message in which she explained she had recovered […]

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Portrait : Julien & Django

01 Jul 2016

Les Néréides Loves Animals met Julien, an actor who lives in Paris with Django. A charming and atypical duo that seduced the association.  

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Action : Aquanimplanete

01 Jun 2016

Always being on the lookout to help small structures, we came across Aquanimplanete. This small association, created in 2010 in Mandelieu (South of France) helps pets on their everyday life from feeding them to finding […]

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Action : The Animal Sanctuary

27 May 2016

The Animal Sanctuary is an association located in England, which was originally founded to be a safe haven for abused horses.   Many other animals joined the horses (dogs, cats, etc). Since its creation, the […]

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Portrait : Jean André and André

23 May 2016

Les Néréides Loves Animals presents Jean André (@jean_andre), a French artist based in Paris and his cat André @andre_chat.       – Who is he ? André, he has been my roommate for 10 […]

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Action : CEDAF Faune Alfort

04 May 2016

CEDAF is the largest health center dedicated to wildlife in Île de France (Paris area) and the first French training center to care for wildlife. End of 2013, Professor Courreau, founder of CEDAF, and devoted […]

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Action : Nowzad Dogs

03 May 2016

Les Néréides Loves Animals has assisted an association located in Afghanistan: Nowzad DOGS. And this meeting was a real stroke of heart ! In 2006, the arrival of a Royal Marine commando in the small […]

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