News of Les néréides loves animals

Action : Cyprus Dogs Rescue

26 Apr 2016

Andrea and Lorraine Siddons are English and moved to Cyprus 7 years ago. Refusing to bear cruelty to animals anymore, they decided to start their own “Cyprus Dogs Rescue” organization to rescue and repatriate as […]

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Action : Elephant Natural Park

31 Mar 2016

Elephant Natural Park is an elephant’s center created in the 1990s, located in the province of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. This center is not only caring for elephants, but also supports many dogs, cats, and […]

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Action : Cheval 3ème Age

The association “Cheval 3ème âge” was founded in 1992 by Edith Joos, after she saved a horse from slaughter.   Since then, the association has continued to help horses, providing them a haven of peace, […]

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An unmissable event to celebrate Easter…

24 Mar 2016

– This year the charity Au Bonheur des 4’Pattes organises a meet-up in Nîmeson Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of April! A great opportunity to celebrate Easter with the adorable abandoned animals of this refuge. […]

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Action : L’Espoir des chevaux

26 Feb 2016

The association “L’Espoir des chevaux” is an association located in Courcelles (Belgium), which raises abandoned and abused horses and other equines in order to offer them a second chance. Some are available for adoption and […]

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Portrait: Massae and Nana

29 Jan 2016

      Massae @massaetakanaka Correspondent & Journalist for a Japanese magazine in Paris.   – Who is she? Nana, 10 years old, a French bulldog!   – Can you tell us about your first meeting? A […]

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Action : Fos Animalia

21 Jan 2016

In our round-up of associations, we helped Fos Animalia, an association located in Fos-sur-Mer (Southeast of France). This association collects abandoned cats and dogs and takes care of them while they look for a stable […]

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Portrait : Rémi and Bébé12

14 Jan 2016

    Rémi Ferrante, 32, Director @blastmagazine and Photographer.   – Who is she?  – Who is she? She’s called B12. I’m not the type of person who thinks you should name a cat. You would never […]

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Action : Shelter GroinGroin

07 Jan 2016

The association GroinGroin, founded in 2005 by a vet, is an animal shelter located between Le Mans and Laval (West of France). The members of the refuge are passionate volunteers who work with patience and […]

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Portrait : Nina and Django

14 Dec 2015

Nina Amaddeo, 36, Director Les Néréides London, London – Who is he? Django, 4 years old, Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross. – Can you tells us about your first meeting? We are a foster family for […]

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Action : L’Ecole du chat

12 Dec 2015

The association L’Ecole du Chat intends to provide protection, food, health checks, birth control and registration of abandoned cats in France. Our association “Les Néréides Loves Animals” has offered its premises in the heart of […]

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